Audacity: Using Repair to Remove Clicks

The Repair Tool is a time saver for small, fiddly corrections.

Repair only works at high magnification, so zoom in close first over the region that needs fixing.

In this example we use repair to fix several recurring clicks in a short audio sample. To carry out recurring repairs on longer audio recordings you'll probably want to consider using other software solutions, or even re-recording!

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Using Repair to Fix Clicks

This is a short instrument sample from a well known music software package
Sounds awesome but it has a clickly feel that I want to clean up!.
The clicks occur at fairly regular intervals.
Maybe around every 0.40 seconds.(or just under?)
Lets label these guys so they're easier to track.
The labels appear to be at sort of the right place.
But there's a click right at the end which hasn't been labelled.
Sounds like it's somewhere in the middle of the selection.
The repair tool can automagically fix small clicks.
Now I'll note the position because I know what's coming next...
Now let's find the previous label...
There it is... at 1.48 seconds.
Some maths voodoo gives us the interval:  0.37 seconds...
How good's your maths?
If the intervals are dead regular there shall be a click at 1.11 seconds.
CTRL + R is the shortcut for repair.
The labels are now redundant.
Much better... but there is still a click at the very end.
That's what I was looking for!