Four Time-savers in Audacity

Productivity Tips to save time and effort. Including tips for mixing, importing and use of the multi-mode tool.
This video is embedded from Youtube. and music is courtesy of the Blue Eyed Vinyls with "Cut Away".

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PRODUCTIVITY Tricks and Tips

Quickly import tracks using IMPORT AUDIO in the PROJECT menu.
Tracks can be individually resized.
Use the TIMESHIFT tool to quickly align tracks before mixing.
Be careful as the timeshift tool can move the waveform off the page!
The single most useful time-saver is the MULTI-TOOL MODE.
In this mode the cursor position determines mouse use.
Left-click to zoom in. Right-click to zoom out.
Here it is the timeshift tool.
And it can be used to point and select in the usual way.
It can also function as the envelope tool.
Right-click zooms out. Right-select to zoom in.
And a draw tool at high enough magnification.
Finally remember to save your work frequently.
It only takes a moment to save a project.