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How to Remove Clicks using Audacity

Audio Enhancement

Removing clicks requires a good eye for detail.

Audacity has a click removal tool which can be used, with careful judgement, to good effect.

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This is a track recorded from tape.
It suffers from clicks and hiss from start to end.
There are also two large clicks in the middle and at the start.
This large click should be the easiest to tackle.
First, I'll magnify the waveform to see more detail.
The individual waveform values are now visible as notches.
And this value is the main culprit.
I'll use the draw tool to remove the click.
And the zoom tool to return to normal view.
RIGHT MOUSE button or SHIFT+LEFT MOUSE button to zoom out.
Let's take a closer look at this spike in the middle.
At this magnification it doesn't look like a click at all.
Just a very loud note in the music.
The small regular clicks were caused by a fault in the tape cassette.
And they are made of of two separate 'notes'.
They are too complex to edit individually.
There is a special tool to tackle them - CLICK REMOVAL in the effects menu.
This can be applied across the whole waveform.
Always check for distortion of music/speech after applying.
And compare with the original.
This sounds fine.