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Microphone Recording

The microphone socket usually records only in mono and is best suited for recording from an actual microphone, but in the absence of a line-in socket can also be used for recording from a tape or MiniDisc player.

The Line-in socket in most cases is the best choice for recording as it handles stereo input.

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Microphone for Microphone

To save space sound cards on laptops often have two sockets only - speakers out and microphone. Sometimes the microphone socket toggles to act as a line-in socket. Check the manual.

The microphone socket is best suited to dealing with input from a microphone. For most other purposes line-in is preferable. Most microphone sockets mix stereo input down to mono.

External Sound Cards

There is always a choice of getting an external sound card which can make up for any deficiencies of a laptop's sound card.

Some external sound cards also have an optical socket which can be used for capturing high quality output from a compatible MiniDisc player.