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A list of Digitial Audio Workstations

This is a list of some DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations or audio mixing software) some of which are free, some of which are paid for.

This is not intended to be a complete list, nor is inclusion on this list an absolute guarantee of quality.

The list contains some of the largest names in digital audio, as well as some of the lesser known packages. The list should grow over time, but the download terms shown in brackets should be seen as an indication only: check on the relevant website to verify trial periods and demo terms as these may change.


If you would like to suggest a package to be included on the list you can either shout very very loudly or email support putting "DAW suggestion" in the email subject.

Digital Audio Workstations

There is a huge selection of software availabe for music editing and production, below is a representive selection. You'll find here free, trial, and paid-for software. The time-unlimited demo versions which Ableton and FL Studios provide are well worth an inspection. Most of the software houses below have several offerings to suit pretty much every pocket. The equation is not simply one of "You get what you pay for," however and the trick is in knowing both what you need and what is most likely to satisfy that need.

Sony Acid Xpress (Free)

Ableton (Time-unlimited Trial - Saving disabled)

Zynewave Podium (Free and Demo versions)

Sony Acid Pro (30 Day Trial)

Adobe Audition (30 Day Trial)

Ableton (Time-unlimited Trial - Load disabled)

Cubase (30 Day Trial)

CakeWalk Sonar

Apple Logic Studio (Macs)

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