Sony Acid Pro 7 - Effects and Plugin Envelopes and Automation

Video Tutorial

This is a ten minute video giving an introduction to effects and VST plugin envelopes in Sony Acid Pro.

Sony Automation

Creating and Manipulating Envelopes

You can create envelopes using the time consuming, but precise point and click method, or you can use the write touch and latch methods.

The write methods produces results quickly as they are employed during playback or recording. The action of both is similar - they work like macros or recorded scripts - and the main difference is that the latch method overwrites everything during its operation, whilst the touch method snaps back once the mouse is released.

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Editing Envelopes

Envelopes are editing by either right-clicking - which brings up a menu to edit the transition or to delete a node; or left-clicking and dragging to reposition.

You'll find it possible to alter the drag method by using the SHIFT, CTRL and ALT modifiers and combinations thereof.